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  Step by step courses to help learn   

  Basic Program    

The Basic course is an introduction to the basics of Tabla and Mridangam for beginners. 

The Course is a three step program to get a grip over the basics of playing the drums.


Basics 1 ( Duration 14 weeks) - Introduction to the concepts of Indian rhythm and getting acquainted with the vocabulary of the language of drums through basic Kayda compositions


Basics 2 (Duration 19 weeks) - Introduction to Taals and next - level Kayda compositions 


Basics 3 (Duration 19 weeks) - Introduction to Tukdas, relas, Chakradaars compositions

  Intermediate Program  

The Intermediate course is for students who have completed the basic course and are well acquainted with the drums with about a year of drumming experience.

     This is also a 3 step process to get a grip over the subtlities of playing the Tabla and Mridangam.


Intermediate 1 ( Duration 24 weeks) - Gath, Dhire Dhire compositions, Dhine gene relas and Chakradaars.


Intermediate 2 ( Duration 24 weeks) - Exploring compositions in other taals like Jhap taal, EK taal, Matta Taal and Rupak taal.


Intermediate 3 ( Duration 24 weeks) - Arranging a solo performance, getting the experience of accompanying a sitar, flute player or a vocalist.




  Live Online  Program  

  Rhythm Shala`s  live online courses through Skype has been immensely successful in reaching out to students from different parts of the world. We have students from USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.




Out reach programs at Schools and colleges  

  Rhythm Shala has been actively involved in conducting Tabla and Mridangam courses in different primary and secondary schools in Bangalore. It could be as part of the curriculum of the school or as extra curricular activity.




Corporate Music programs  

  Music at the workplace could be a refreshing experience.

Rhythm Shala has come up with Corporate Music Programs where our Gurus conduct Tabla and Mridangam classes after work hours at the corporate office locations.




Summer Workshops in Rhythm

  Rhythm Shala conducts Summer Workshops which are very popular


1 day program ( 90 mins) fun rhythm games, World rhythm experience where the facilitator teaches and engages the participants in playing various rhythms on African Djembe drums.


4 day program (60 minute sessions)  

 Day 1 - Concepts of Indian Rhythm through fun games

 Day 2 - Body Rhythm and Spoken rhythm 

 Day 3 - Introduction to world rhythm

 Day 4 - Preparation and performance of a Rhythm


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